The Mobile Computer School® – An innovative Concept

The ‘Mobile Computer School®’ project is a unique initiative launched by Fondation Saradar in 2002 with the objective to disseminate knowledge, build capacities and facilitate access to information through specialized training or workshops. Fondation Saradar four Caravans represent the ideal facility to cater to a wide range of audiences.

Tailored courses, special educational programs or customized training packages, can be elaborated and delivered to a wide range of target groups to accommodate their priorities. Contents and material can vary covering current issues with direct relevance to academic programs, cultural education, market needs or social topics.

The Caravans are equipped with a network of ten computers, one laser printer, one LCD projector with screen, a wireless Internet connection, an air-conditioning/heating system, a water dispenser, and other accessories.  The Mobile schools include demountable ramp and handrails to facilitate the access of physically disabled persons, as well as a special software to provide the blind and the visually impaired.