• The ‘Saradar IT Programme®’ (SITP)

      From 2001 to 2013, the foundation was committed, thanks to its Mobile Learning Program®, to disseminate e-literacy throughout Lebanon, based on its strong determination to bring skills and knowledge to every community in every part of the country; based on its belief that it is vital for developing countries and emerging economies to rely on technology to improve their situation.
    • The ‘E-Caravan® Phœnix’ Project

      The post-occupied region of South Lebanon is characterized by a young population that suffers from high illiteracy, and a rate of unemployment significantly higher than the national average. The areas hit during the war were already the most impoverished in the country.
    • The ‘Cadmus Caravan®’ Project

      Since 2005, Fondation Saradar was sollicited by some municipalities in the Bekaa Valley. This demand prompted Fondation Saradar to explore and evaluate the needs in IT learning in the Bekaa region, which resulted in the launch of the new Cadmus Caravan.
    • The ‘e-ecoeducation®’ Caravan Project

      Lebanon is facing a continuous and advanced environmental degradation despite efforts and actions by specialized NGOs and the government over the years. It seems that behaviors have not yet changed.