United Nations Global Compact

We are proud to have joined the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company. This commitment is to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles, take actions to support society, and report to the UN Global Compact annually on our ongoing efforts.

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“Healthy We Grow” summer packs delivery

“Healthy We Grow” is the second phase of the agro humanitarian project by the Order of Malta.

It aims to provide more than 1,000 farmers with natural, human, and physical assets to pursue their farming activities.

This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with Malteser International, and with the implementing support of Fondation Saradar.

Within this project, summer packs have been delivered in Yaroun.

healthy we grow

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Al Zawrak Rehabilitation

Within the framework of the Beirut Relief Program, we have finished the rehabilitation works in Al Zawrak Disability Hub. The building was damaged after the Beirut blast, and could not welcome the children who live there anymore.

Al Zawrak Disability Hub, which will stand tall again, provides psychotherapy support, speech and language therapy, job aid and education to different age groups.

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‘Healthy, We grow’: the Order of Malta and Fondation Saradar in solidarity with Lebanon’s small farmers

In a bid to support small farmers and the local economy, boost community health, as well as strengthen food security by improving food availability and accessibly, the Order of Malta in partnership with Fondation Saradar, has launched an Agro-humanitarian project under the slogan of “Healthy, We Grow.”

The project is providing 1.2 million seedlings of winter crops to 350 small farmers. The areas include Khaldiya in Zgharta, Al Qobayat, Ras Baalbek, Barqa, Deir Al-Ahmar in Northern Bekaa and Yaroun in South Lebanon.

The project aims to empower local communities by supporting the agricultural sector, targeting small farmers and helping them pursue their farming activities. Farmers are coached to adopt climate smart agricultural methods in order to ensure healthy domestic production while protecting natural resources.

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Beirut Relief Program Launch

In an effort to overcome the severe economic crisis and following the horrific blast of August 4th, Fondation Saradar has launched the Beirut Relief Program.

The Beirut Relief Program aims at repairing and rehabilitating the homes of less fortunate people who live in the area that was destroyed by the blast.

Our teams of volunteers are dedicating their time and sharing their professional knowledge and expertise to help people in need. They are making a meaningful impact in the daily lives of many families that have been left in a dire situation.

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The ” Traveling Art® Timeline” to discover Lebanese Artists from 1852 to the present day.

Discover your favorite artist. An unprecedented “Timeline®” displayed inside the “Traveling Art®” Caravan featuring Lebanese Artists from 1852 to the present day.

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Summer Art Sessions at Institut Français du Liban, Beirut

The “Traveling Art®” Caravan stationed at IFL, Beirut.

Despite the summer recess, the caravan pursued its art activities and itinerary. After introducing art initiation sessions in schools during the academic year, the “ Traveling Art® ” program delivered courses to young students at the french cultural center, “Institut Français du Liban”, Beirut, from 2 July to 16 August 2019.

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Integrating Arts and Culture into Education

Because preserving our artistic heritage is paramount, Fondation Saradar is launching an unprecedented art program in schools, the “Traveling Art®” project, to initiate young generations to the understanding and appreciation of Lebanese modern and contemporary art, in a very innovative and interactive way, in classrooms and inside the caravan.

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Nader Jaber

Nader Jaber

Remarkable performance by Nader Jaber this year. He succeeded in ranking 1st at:

– the Cross-country Lebanese Championship;

– the Club Championship France 3k meeting qualification (8min44);

– the Lebanese Championship (senior category) 5k race (14min57);

– the Lebanese Championship 5k (14min55) & 10k (31min25);

– the Lebanese Open Club Championship 5k & 10k.

What a track record !

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Supporting promising Lebanese athletes


Nader Jaber
– Cross-country Lebanese Championship: 1st place
– Club Championship France 3k – meeting qualification: 1st place (8min44)
– Lebanese Championship (senior category) 5k: 1st place (14min57)
– Lebanese championship – 5k: 1st place (14min55) – 10k: 1st place (31min40)                                                                                                                            – Lebanese Open Club Championship – 5k: 1st place  – 10k: 1st place




Léa Iskandar
For the second year in a row, Léa won the first place overall Lebanese in the Saradar Women’s Race 10k organized by the Beirut Marathon in 2017, setting a new personal record on this distance in the 2018 edition.




Yasmina Bocti
The unbeatable and forceful Yasmina Bocti, the young horse-back rider sponsored by Fondation Saradar for the third year in a row, succeeded over the years won several competitions in Lebanon and in Europe.
In 2017, following her impressive scores and podium wins in France, 3rd at La Baule, then 1st at the French national competition at Le Mans and 1st at the international race in Knokke (Belgium), our young champion did it again in Lebanon. After winning at the World Jumping Challenge (the only international contest in Lebanon organized by the Fédération Équestre Internationale – FEI), Yasmina is now qualified to participate in the FEI World Jumping Challenge Final in Uzbekistan in 2018.

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