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The “Traveling Art®” Caravan first stop at Jesus & Mary School (Rabweh).

“ Traveling Art® ” is an outreach program focusing on art initiation addressed to schools.

This unique project is catered by Fondation Saradar Mobile School, a self-contained mobile art workshop. This caravan serves as an exhibition facility to display a selection of major Lebanese artists. More than that, the caravan is a space where kids are exposed and introduced to Lebanese art in a challenging and interactive way: a wide variety of custom-designed educational activities and tools are proposed with a very innovative approach.

This special vehicle is also equipped with demountable ramp and handrails to facilitate the access of physically disabled persons.

It will target private and public schools, including other academic institutions. This program is delivered, free of charge, to students and school teachers alike by an art instructor.

 The mobile art learning concept provides:

  • Beneficiaries with a first of its kind opportunity to be introduced and educated to various art forms.
  • School teachers with a unique art tutoring experience, hands-on learning and communicating practice to follow up on Fondation Saradar program delivered within the caravan; hence, ensuring the sustainability of this initiative.
  • Academic performance, should institutions be interested in integrating this art learning program as part of their school curriculum.
  • Exposure to Artists through various means of information gathered and media tools supplied by the Saradar Collection.



The project aims at initiating young audiences to Lebanese art heritage. It seeks to disseminate knowledge for the understanding and appreciation of Lebanese art through an awareness and educational program.

And clearly, its purpose is to promote art as an important tool in contributing to personal well-being and development, wider cultural exposure and knowledge, leading to social integration as well as economic growth.



The project will first target schools in Greater Beirut and the cazas of Metn and Kesrewane during the pilot phase. Several schools are already registered to participate in this unprecedented art program.



The mobile art workshop started its journey, at “Jesus & Mary School” (Rabweh) where it stationed from 22 October 2018 until 7 March 2019. The “ Traveling Art® ” project provided 622 young participants, aged between 8 to 12 years old, from 41 weeks representing 150 sessions of art initiation.

Enjoying art activities inside the “Traveling Art®” Caravan during recess.


Paradis d’Enfants” (Ghadir & Haret Sakher), a semi-public school followed, from 11 March to 23 May 2019, where 780 participants benefited from an unprecedented outreach program dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of Lebanese modern and contemporary art.


Despite the summer recess, the caravan pursued its art activities and itinerary. The “Institut Français du Liban” summer workshops presented a new opportunity for the “Traveling Art®” project to widen its scope and extend its activities to new audiences. During the months of July to August, 153 young participants from different schools, backgrounds and geographical areas, aged between 6 to 14 years old, enrolled in Fondation Saradar art education initiative. The program topics selected for each group came as a creative tool with a complementary content to support literature courses provided by the French institute.

The “Traveling Art®” Caravan stationed at IFL, Beirut center.

On-going session inside the “Traveling Art®” Caravan (IFL Beirut).











The last quarter of 2019 was dedicated to the “Collège des Sœurs des Saints-Cœurs” in Ain Najm.The program scheduled from October 2019 until January 2020 covered 29 classes, involving 966 students aged from 8 to 15 years.

Measuring the immediate impact and outreach of the “Traveling Art®” initiative was possible thanks to the schools’ assessment and the students’ evaluation solicited by Fondation Saradar, at the end of each teaching cycle.The uniqueness of the concept and the particularly interactive and engaging approach have undoubtedly encouraged schools to shuffle their well-established class schedules, in order to integrate this art education program into their academic calendar. Children’s reaction ranged from initial curiosity to genuine interest by the sessions’ content, coupled with general excitement prompted by the instant attraction towards the unusual art workshop on wheels. Students’ rating of the project reflected their active involvement in the various custom-designed educational activities proposed in classrooms and inside the caravan.






Developed by art specialists exclusively for Fondation Saradar, a special teaching manual including different tailored topics, supported by a themes-related brochure as well as various workshops, are delivered in classrooms.