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Fondation Saradar was the main sponsor of the 6th edition of Home Works, organized by Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts.

Home Works 6 is the main forum on cultural practices in Lebanon and took place from the 17th May until the 10th of June 2013.
This forum included lectures, performances, theatre, dance, exhibitions, music, sound, video, and film, in different venues across Beirut.

Home Works Forum is a multidisciplinary platform that takes place in Beirut, Lebanon about every other year. Since its inception in 2002, Home Works has evolved into one of the most vibrant platforms for research and exchange on cultural practices in the region and beyond. Artists, cultural practitioners, writers, and thinkers gather for ten days in order to share their works, which take the form of exhibitions, performances, lectures, videos, artists’ talks, workshops and publications. What links the forum’s participants together is their approach to a common set of urgent, timely questions. Their work endeavors to create methods of critical inquiry and aesthetic form capable of conveying those questions meaningfully and proposing possible solutions. The Home Works Forum is a productive space in which political, social, economic, and cultural realities can be explored, reflected, and made manifest as visual and verbal articulations that occur with some consistency.

As a title, the term “Home Works” suggests an intertwining of public and private spheres, the outside world of work and the inside space of home. It refers to the exercises, lessons, and research problems that are worked out by students repetitively and in solitude. More broadly, “Home Works,” itself an impossible plural, implies a process of internal excavation, of digging and burrowing deeper while simultaneously constructing and accumulating new practices.

(Courtesy of Ashkal Alwan)