Visual Arts Program Past Initiatives

  • Arab Image Foundation Symposium

    HISTORY OF THE LAST THINGS BEFORE THE LAST: ART AS WRITING HISTORY DECEMBER 1ST, 2012. Organized by: Clément Chéroux and Akram Zaatari A collaboration between: Centre Pompidou, Paris / Arab Image Foundation, Beirut In partnership with the Institut Français and Fondation Saradar
  • White Wall, Graffiti & Street Art

    WHITE WALL, organized at Beirut Art Center in association with Fondation Saradar and a team of three curators, was an exhibition in which one of the main objectives is to give new impetus to the Lebanese graffiti scene. Fourteen international artists, from Europe, North America, South America, together with artists from Egypt and Tunisia, with diverse visions and street art practices, were invited to share their passion and expertise.
  • Video Vintage

    A collaboration between: Centre Pompidou, Paris / Beirut Art Center, Beirut in partnership with the Institut Français, Fondation Saradar and BLC Bank. Ant Farm (Chip Lord, Doug Michels, Curtis Schreier) and T.R. Uthco (Doug Hall, Diane Hall, Jody Procter)The Eternal Frame, 1975 © Courtesy University of California, Berkeley ArtMuseum and Pacific Film Archive
  • Home Works 6

    Home Works 6 is the main forum on cultural practices in Lebanon and took place from the 17th May until the 10th of June 2013. This forum included lectures, performances, theatre, dance, exhibitions, music, sound, video, and film, in different venues across Beirut.
  • Saloua Raouda Choucair

    Tate Modern presented from April and until October 2013, the world’s first major museum exhibition of Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair (b. 1916). Comprising over 120 works, many of which have never been seen before and were exhibited for the first time, this exhibition brought together paintings, sculptures and other objects made by the artist over six decades, reflecting her interests in science, mathematics and Islamic art and poetry.
  • Art Onboard

    The 'art onboard' project is a first of its kind art initiative ever to be held in Lebanon and the Middle East. It is an outdoor exhibition of the original works of ALBA, AUB, LAU, UL & USEK students, reproduced and displayed on selected Promomedia advertising billboards and deployed in prime locations in central Beirut.