Sports Program

  • Pia Nehmé

    Her sport specialty being Distance running, Pia Nehme has achieved many outstanding records locally and internationally since 2005.
  • Léa Iskandar

    Léa Iskandar has been running since 2010 in Lebanon and in Europe. She has achieved podium wins every year, securing the first place in 5k and 10k local races and second place in the West Asian Championship.
  • Nader Jaber

    Born and raised in Ivory Coast, Nader mainly focused on soccer and tennis, until he discovered running when he moved to Lebanon for studying. As of 2014, Nader focused on running, training extensively. He participated in several competitions in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Ivory Coast and Portugal, ranking with the aim and dream to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.
  • Yasmina Bocti

    Yasmina Bocti is a horseback rider born in 2002. She started horseback riding at the very young age of 5. Since then, she has been passionate about horses and used to spend her summer taking care of them at Faqra Club Academy. Supported by her parents, she soon began training after school a French instructor who provided her guidance and helped her develop her skills.