Letter From The President

It is with a lot of enthusiasm and pride that I pursue the vision set by my predecessors to achieve the goals of the foundation.

I grew up immersed in the family corporate culture advocated by my father Joe Saradar. Influenced by his ethics, professionalism and humanism, I have decided to carry on the family tradition. I am determined to devote my efforts to perpetuate the principles and values of Fondation Saradar.

The mission of the foundation has evolved through the years. Fondation Saradar has expanded its field of action. It is more dedicated to supporting Lebanese talents in the art, culture, and sports fields.

Through our various programs, we hope to consolidate knowledge and capacities, widening the opportunities of the young generation, thus contributing to sustainable human development in our country.


Maria Saradar

Our Culture

Our mission is to promote culture, art, education and sports, to advance knowledge and support talents


Fondation Saradar aims at facilitating the access to:

  • The understanding and appreciation of art through exhibitions, education, research initiative and publication
  • e-Literacy to bridge the digital divide and promote computer-based learning programs
  • Professional sports training programs

Our Values

Our set of core values lead the way to execute our mission and accomplish our work:

We believe in our vision, and it is passion for what we do that fuels our determination to achieve our goals.

We help bring about positive change through innovative business ideas and new approaches to social and cultural initiatives.

We operate with the highest ethical standards and are committed to establishing long-lasting relationships that are based on trust, honesty and discretion.

We remain true to the spirit of our founders and believe in the tremendous impact that collaboration can have on fulfilling our vision. That is why we build on the individual capabilities of our employees, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and offering them our support so they can reach their full potential together, as a team.

We take active part in supporting and promoting Lebanese talent and in enhancing the vitality of our community. We are also constantly aiming at meeting the needs of the underprivileged members of the Lebanese society.

We are proud of our expertise and though we capitalize on it, we are constantly looking to improve ourselves. We practice openness, transparency and respect, conducting our businesses in total confidentiality and adopting a professional attitude in everything we do.

We approach our business relationships with an objective mindset, dealing with information free of distortions, providing unbiased and independent advice based on rigorous analysis of evidence.

Our History

The creation of this institution comes in line with the spirit of solidarity inspired by Joe Saradar who was Chairman and General Manager of Banque Saradar, sal. from 1962 to 1992.

By providing a legal framework to pursue the initiative started by Joe Saradar, Mario Saradar is committed to ensure its continuity and to favor the values of solidarity and humanism that were his father’s.

Headed by Marie-Claude Saradar from 2000 to 2012, the foundation developed a new concept, the “Mobile Computer Schools®”and engaged in an e-literacy campaign throughout Lebanon.
Elected in January 2013, Maria Saradar follows the footsteps of her mother Marie-Claude. New programs will be launched, widening Fondation Saradar scope of interventions.

Key Facts

  • 2014 – 2015

    The ‘art onboard’ project: a Fine Arts students contest initiated by Fondation Saradar followed by an unprecedented exhibition of their artworks on commercial billboards in Beirut.

  • 2013

    Maria Saradar becomes president of Fondation Saradar.

  • 2012

    Launching of Fondation Saradar ‘Sports Program’.
    The ‘White Wall’ exhibition: the first ever street art and graffiti exhibition to be created and produced in Lebanon.

  • 2010

    Fondation Saradar celebrates its tenth anniversary with the launch of the ‘e-ecoeducation®’ project.

  • 2008

    Initiation of Fondation Saradar ‘Visual Arts Program’.

  • 2006

    The ‘Adaptive Technology Programme®’ dedicated to the visually impaired starts through the Mobile Computer Schools®’, a unique initiative in the Arab world.

  • 2004

    For the first time in Lebanon and the region, an ‘Accessibility Programme®’ is initiated through Fondation Saradar ‘Mobile Computer Schools®’.

  • 2001

    Launch of the ‘Mobile Learning Program®’ with the first e-literacy caravan heading towards the displaced villages.

  • 2000

    Under the impulse of Mario Saradar, the Saradar family establishes Fondation Saradar presided by Marie Claude Saradar.

  • 1962 – 2000

    Joe Saradar followed in his footsteps by his son Mario Saradar institutionalizes an enterprise culture based on solidarity bonds created amongst colleagues and a corporate engagement in community development. An initiative that will be recognized and known, years later, as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  • 1962

    Joe Saradar is the first in Lebanon to launch cultural and leisure activities within Banque Saradar creating a conviviality culture within the corporation.

General Assembly


Fondation Saradar is managed by a General Assembly of eight persons who define the strategy and set the priorities of the organization. An Executive Committee, elected for a three-year mandate, oversees the management of the foundation and meets on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues and resource.

Executive Committee

Maria Saradar

Fadi Amatoury

Lucienne Azar

Marianne Barakat

Tania Hélou

Marie-Claude Saradar

Mario Saradar

General Assembly

Maria Saradar

Fadi Amatoury

Lucienne Azar

Marianne Barakat

Joumana Hachem El Yazigi

Marie-Claude Saradar

Marielle Saradar

Mario Saradar


  • Tania Hélou



  • Nada Jkayem