Letter From The President

Fondation Saradar was established by my brother Mario Saradar, influenced by our late father Joe Saradar’s ethics and humanism.

We have been committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in all our work and operations. Our mission has constantly evolved throughout the years. However, contributing to the sustainable human development of the Lebanese community and talents has always been our core driving principle. Throughout the years, we have expanded our field of action to encompass education, arts, culture and sports.

Our priorities and focus have shifted due to the current challenges facing the people of Lebanon. In an effort to overcome the severe economic crisis and following the horrific blast of August 4th, we have launched the Food Security Program and the Beirut Relief Program.

Once again, our resilience is being severely tested. Today more than ever, we have faith in Lebanon and our people’s ability to rise again. We vow to leverage all of our resources in order to do so.


Maria Saradar

Our Mission

Contribute to the development of Lebanese citizens, promote social welfare and drive solutions for challenges facing the people of Lebanon.


Our Values

Our set of core values lead the way to execute our mission and accomplish our work:

We are continually planning and working for success. We always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We believe in the power of unity around a shared purpose and foster collaboration with partners to help our community.

We embrace all the threads that constitute the fabric of our Lebanese society.

We operate with the highest ethical standards and use the resources entrusted to us responsibly.

Our History

Mario Saradar established this foundation in the year 2000 to perpetuate the legacy of his late father Joe Saradar who was an ardent and distinguished humanist of his generation.

The foundation was initially headed by Mrs Marie-claude Saradar, Joe’s wife and life partner. Mario Saradar, third generation banker, is an entrepreneur, a sportsman and all sports lover. He leads Saradar Group.

The foundation is an independent organization led by an Executive Committee which surrounds itself by a distinguished group of experts, advisors and professionals. 

Key Facts

  • 2022

    Launch of the Young talent Program in partnership with Let’S run.

  • 2021

    More than 150 homes and 3 schools damaged by the 4th of August blast were repaired through the Beirut Relief Program.

  • 2020

    Launch of the Food Security Program and the Beirut Relief Program.

  • 2019

    6th win in a row for Nader Jaber in the Lebanese Cross Country Championships and qualification for the World Championships.

  • 2018

    Selection of Yasmina Bocti in the French equestrian federation’s junior team.

  • 2016

    Qualification of Ray Bassil to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

  • 2014

    The “Art Onboard” project: a Fine Arts students contest initiative.

  • 2013

    Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO) by Maxime Chaaya.

    Gloria Nasr’s transcontinental run from Paris to Beirut to promote peace in the region.

    The “White Wall” exhibition: the first ever street art and graffiti exhibition to be produced in Lebanon.

  • 2012

    Qualification of Andrea Paoli to the London 2012 Olympic Game.

    Launch of the “Sports Program.

  • 2010

    Launch of the eco-education project marking Fondation Saradar’s tenth anniversary.

  • 2008

    Initiation of the “Visual Arts Program”.

  • 2006
    Start of the “Adaptive Technology Programme” dedicated to the visually impaired.
  • 2004

    Creation of the “Accessibility Programme” through the Mobile Learning School.

  • 2000-01

Establishment of Fondation Saradar.

Launch of the “Mobile Learning Programme”.


Meet our team.
Our family members are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the foundation.
Our team includes independent expert advisors and professionals who manage the different programs of the foundation. They are responsible for the strategy development, coordination, planning, and resource allocation.


General Assembly

Maria Saradar

Fadi Amatoury

Lucienne Azar

Marianne Barakat

Joumana Hachem El Yazigi

Marie-Claude Saradar

Marielle Saradar

Mario Saradar

Executive Committee

Maria Saradar

Fadi Amatoury

Lucienne Azar

Marianne Barakat

Dina Saradar

Marie-Claude Saradar

Mario Saradar

Our Team

Dina Saradar

Nada Jkayem

Fares Kikano

Yasmina Saradar


Hala Cabbabé 

Marie-Claude Abou Khalil

Lea Sarrouf

Stephanie Nader

Rhea Barakat


Edmond Barakeh

Gida Achi Khalaf

Raymonde Ayoub