The ‘Traveling Art®’ project

“Traveling Art®” is an outreach program focusing on art initiation addressed to schools.

It is also catered by Fondation Saradar Mobile School. This caravan serves as an exhibition facility to display Lebanese artists’ works highlighted by the program, as well as works created by students. During the pilot phase, the project will first target schools in Greater Beirut and the cazas of Metn and Kesrewane.

The mobile art learning concept provides:

  • Beneficiaries with a first of its kind opportunity to be introduced and educated to various art forms.
  • School teachers with a unique art tutoring experience, hands-on learning and communicating practice to follow up on Fondation Saradar program delivered within the caravan; hence, ensuring the sustainability of this initiative.
  • Academic performance, should institutions be interested in integrating this art learning program as part of their school curriculum.
  • Exposure to Artists through various means of information gathered and media tools supplied by the Saradar Collection.