Visual Arts Program

“Lebanon has been through enough wars in the course of the last few decades, to appreciate the value of art as a symbol and vector of civilization. Economy may collapse and rise, regimes and powers may follow each other, as well as human or natural disasters; ultimately, what remains of a nation, throughout history, is the aesthetic fingerprint it has left, as witnessed for example by the relics of Antiquity.”  MARIO SARADAR, CHAIRMAN-CEO, SARADAR Group

For several years, Fondation Saradar has always played a role in promoting cultural activities and encouraging artistic initiatives. Through its Visual Arts program, the foundation contributes to the development and enrichment of the Lebanese art scene, seeking to consolidate our country’s role in the art field. Some of the projects are organized by Fondation Saradar such as White Wall, a graffiti and street art exhibition with the participation of foreign and Lebanese artists that took place in 2012.
At the same time, Fondation Saradar has forged key partnerships with local and international organizations working for the promotion and understanding of art, such as, Beirut Art Center, Arab Image Foundation, Ashkal Alwan, Fondation Liban Cinema, Institut franca is du Liban, Centre Pompidou (France), Tate Modern (United Kingdom), etc.
Supporting Lebanese artists took Fondation Saradar beyond our borders. Fondation Saradar is very proud to have participated in April 2013 in the world’s first major museum exhibition of Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair at London Tate Modern, or engaged in the co-organization of a contemporary art exhibition in Washington D.C. in 2010, showcasing 29 Lebanese artists.

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After the successes of the Seven Summits project, and the Three Poles Challenge, Maxime Chaya was on ‘expedition mode’ again. This time, he went for quite an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure: Rowing the Indian Ocean (RIO), setting new world records.

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